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Billy Mure, who recently left us at age 97, had an incredible 80-year career in the music industry. We are in the process of creating a very special detailed page on this website devoted to him. The Delicates owe him a huge debt of gratitude. He produced their signature recording "Black And White Thunderbird," backed with "Ronnie Is My Lover."
Sharman Howe and Alfred Nittoli: they are the ultimate Jersey couple and they make beautiful music together!

The Brooks Four (aka The Four Winds, aka The Teamates) are four very talented Italian "Jersey Boys." Click their picture at the left to read their impressive story and hear a sample of their wonderful work.
Teddy Randazzo, the wonderful singer, songwriter, musician and record producer, was one of the most beloved gentlemen in the music business. He produced the very first recording that the Delicates sang backup on, Al Martino's "Journey To Love." For more information about this man of so many talents as well as a photo gallery featuring both him and his son Teddy Jr., please click on the picture at the left. Thanks for everything, Teddy...we love you!
Vicki Spencer, when she was only 16, appeared as a featured performer in two motion pictures, the first with Jimmy Clanton and the second with Clay Cole. They were Teenage Millionaire and Twist Around The Clock respectively. Chubby Checker and Dion also appeared in each of those movies. Vicki sang two songs in each. Her father was one of the country's top dancers and also had a very successful career as an act arranger. So it's no surprise that Vicki is as talented as she is and that her daughter Jamie is well on her way to a great singing career as well. Ronnie recently did an interview show with Vicki especially for Clay Cole's website. Please click on Vicki's picture for more information and to listen to that show.
Jean Thomas was lead singer for the "Rag Dolls", a female version of the "Four Seasons" created by Bob Crewe.  Jean wrote over 80 songs and sang back-up on hundreds and hundreds of tracks and has backed many well known singers.  She also sang on many commercials during the 60's and early 70's.  If you listened to music of the 60's, you definitely heard her voice.  Thank you, Jean, for your incredible talent, your many contributions and for being such a huge part of Rock and Roll history.
Connie Francis was born in Newark and grew up in Belleville, New Jersey.  Connie has one of the most beautiful and distinctive voices in pop music history.  On the advice of her father she recorded  Who's Sorry Now?, which made her the top female recording artist of the late 50's and early 60's.  We salute you, Jersey girl! 
Laura Pinto, having a great passion and love for the music and artists of the 60's and 70's, has created some of the most incredible websites for the stars of that time.  Her sites include those for Jeff Barry, The Archies, Ron Dante, Andy Kim, The Detergents, Ellie Greenwich, Joey Dee and the Starliters , Eddie Rambeau  and the wonderful Oldies Connection site.  Thank you, Laura, for keeping our great music alive.  You Rock! 
Bucky Pizzarelli is a classical guitarist and banjoist.  He joined the Vaughn Monroe band in 1943 and was a member of the Doc Severinson band on the Tonight Show while Johnny Carson was host.  Bucky has worked with the likes of Les Paul and Benny Goodman and played guitar along with the great Don Costa on Vaughn Monroe's hit  Ghost Riders in the Sky.  Bucky was a studio session musician and has played on hundreds of recordings.  We thank you, Bucky, for your countless work and incredible talent. 
Don Costa, music arranger and record producer, is best known for his work with Frank Sinatra, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, as well as many, many others.  Don also had his own huge instrumental hits :  Never on Sunday, The Unforgiven and  I'll Walk the Line, to name just a few.  The great Don Costa was indeed a "Musical Genius," and he was often referred to as the "Puccini of pop."  We just love you so much, Don, and working closely with you was heaven. 
Miss Sue Thompson is our Queen of Rock and Roll, a beautiful woman with the voice of a little girl.  She is best known for her hits Norman, Sad Movies (Make Me Cry), Paper Tiger and  Have a Good Time.  She also sang great country duets with Don Gibson.  Oh, Sue, we love you.  Sue Thompson always makes us smile. 
The original Four Seasons were four Italian boys from New Jersey:  Tommy DeVito, Nick Massi, Bob Gaudio and Frankie Valli.  In 1965, Nick was replaced by Charles Calello and then Charles was replaced by Joe Long.  With great hits like Sherry, Big Girls Don't Cry and  Walk Like a Man, just to name a few, the Four Seasons sold millions of records.  They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.  Today the Seasons are still going strong with the incredible Broadway success of Jersey Boys, which rewarded them with the Tony Award.  Frankie is still going strong and is great as ever.  Our life-long friends . . . we love you.
Teresa Brewer was a beloved lady with an exuberant voice whose recordings always sparkled and shined and earned her millions of fans throughout the world.  She was best known for her pop hits, which included  Music Music Music, Till I Waltz Again With You, Ricochet, A Tear Fell, A Sweet Old-Fashioned Girl and many others.  Later on she re-invented herself as a very respected jazz vocalist and she performed with the biggest names in that field, including Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie. We are so sad that she has left us, but we can continue to enjoy the wonderful body of work that is her musical legacy. 
Jack Wild, an English actor, achieved fame for his roles in both stage and screen productions of the Lionel Bart musical "OLIVER", playing the Artful Dodger.  At the age of 16 he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.  He also starred in an American family TV series H.R. Pufnstuf  in 1969.  Recording for Capital and Buddah Records, he had a very successful musical career. Tragically, on March 2, 2006,  at the young age of 53, Jack Wild passed away of throat cancer.  He was a major talent and will be missed by many.  Working with him was lots of fun, and I am honored to be part of his wonderful recordings. 

With love, Denise  


Now meet the individual musicians Phil, Bobby "Keys," Paul, Bob, Pete, Mike and Joe: 

PHIL BRUNO, a Jersey Boy from Belleville, was influenced by the great Tommy DeVito of Four Seasons fame.  Phil is a songwriter and for many years has been a studio musician.  From 1980 through 1984 he was a member of the "Sidewalk Symphony," opening for such acts as Patty Loveless and Charlie Daniels.  Phil was a founding member of the JerseySound. 
BOBBY "KEYS" ANDERSON  was born and raised in Newark.  Bobby played country music throughout the 70's, backing headliners such as Smokey Warren, Dottie West, Mickey Gilley, Eddie Rabbit and countless others.
PAUL TARLOW , originally from West Orange, started as a sax player but switched to bass guitar in '63.  Paul backed up the likes of Etta James, Johnny Maestro and the Duprees to name a few. 
BOB D'ANGELO grew up in Newark and served as a back-up singer on many recordings.  Bobby D, as they call him, was one of the founding members of  JerseySound.  One of his inspirations has been the great Frankie Valli. 
PETE DEL VECCHIO, a drummer originally from Newark, spent over forty years in the business.  Pete played with such groups as the Foremosts, Twilight Time and Just Crusin.' 
MICHAEL FEDE , also originally from Newark, now lives in Belleville.   A singer for over thirty years, he worked with "Sidewalk Symphony" and the Duprees. 
JOE CAP from Newark, New Jersey is the newest member of JerseySound.
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PETER ALTSCHULER used to run away from home a lot... and hang out in the radio studios at WINS waiting to be discovered.  His father, Murray "the K" Kaufman, never seemed to notice . . .   

Read much more about Peter by clicking on his picture. 

This is a special tribute for me. To celebrate the years that meant the most to me with gratitude for TOM DECILLIS, the man that started it all. If it weren't for Tom, all of the stories of The Starlets, Angels, and Bernadette Carroll would not have come to be. 

I always knew him as a trustworthy, kind and very sincere person. He would be a chaperone, a supporter, a listener and a booking agent. Never once did we question what he was doing. He would always look out for our best interest. Even my Mother would let me go on the road at the tender age of 16, as long as Tom was with me. 

With great respect and admiration, do I owe it all to this wonderful man. He has earned the respect of many people in the industry with his kind hearted ways and endless determination to make the most of the many talents he had and managed. 

Thank you Tom ..... Love, Bernadette 

Read much more about Tom by clicking on his picture. 

Jersey girl Rachel Millman, who is 25 and hails from Springfield, is being praised as a fresh and exciting new interpreter of songs, a songwriter’s muse, and an artist decidely on the way to the top. Her debut album "If I Believe" has earned her dozens of outstanding reviews, feature stories and interviews. For more on this rising star, including Ronnie's interview with her and an 18-minute TV documentary entitled "The Music Mentor: Meet Rachel Millman," please click her picture on the left. [Photo credit: Stephanie Berger]
Denise Marsa is a Jersey girl who was the mystery singer on Dean Friedman's duet "Lucky Stars" (a smash hit in England) and the lead singer of the Flirts on "Helpless (You Took My Love)" (a smash dance hit). She put out her own critically-acclaimed album called "Self." Recently she created a TV series called "The Music Mentor" and is presently managing, producing and mentoring Rachel Millman (above). For more info on Denise, including Ronnie's interview with her and a synopsis video of her TV project, please click her picture on the left. [Photo credit: Jennifer Stead]