Hall of Fame Tribute
            PETER ALTSCHULER used to run away from home a lot... and hang out in the radio studios at WINS waiting to be discovered. His father, Murray "the K" Kaufman, never seemed to notice. So, when it came time to choose a career, he picked television (back in the days before video post-production when film was actually touched by human beings). He edited, designed graphics and animation, wrote, produced, directed and, in his spare time, dabbled in advertising. Then came "the call from 'the Coast'" - to co-produce a syndicated series. But, a few years after moving to L.A., there was increasing demand for his ad work and, though he still wonders what came over him, he wound up doing business-to-business advertising for high tech firms. Now he splits his time between the two - helping translate technology into a known language at Wordsworth & Company, his advertising and marketing firm, and moonlighting as a "hyphenate" on television shows like A&E's Biography and, his last full tilt production, a special for the Food Network. He was also recently spotted doing voiceovers for a client no one's ever heard of, utlizing his ability to speak English in nine different languages and, even more recently, he's returned to performing after a break -- a 38-year break -- and has been in everything from Shakespeare to Internet parodies about things that don't exist.