Hall of Fame Tribute
Vicki Spencer

Listen to Vicki sing!

from Teenage Millionaire
Hello Mr. Dream
I Wait

from Twist Around The Clock
He's So Sweet   introduced by Clay Cole
Too Many Boyfriends   introduced by Dion

To say that lovely Vicki Spencer comes from a show biz family would be an understatement.

She is the daughter of Lou Spencer, one of the country's top dancers and a very successful act arranger who worked with dozens of the top names in the business.

She performed in several bands with her two brothers, Billy and Danny.

And now her daughter, Jamie Perlow, has embarked on what appears to be a very successful singing career.

At the age of 16 Vicki appeared as a featured performer in not one but two motion pictures with Dion and Chubby Checker. Those were Teenage Millionaire (with Jimmy Clanton) and Twist Around The Clock (with Clay Cole). She sang two songs in each of them and you can listen to them by clicking on the links above. I Wait and Too Many Boyfriends were, in fact, two of her own compositions.

The bands she formed with her brothers had rather unusual names (one of them was "Rottin' Kids"). They released about 30 singles and one album entitled "The Bubblegum Machine" (yes, that was one of those unusual names!) They toured all over the United States and several other countries as well. They played Caesar's Palace and did lots of TV and radio.

Ronnie recently had the pleasure of doing an interview show with Vicki that also included a special guest appearance by her daughter Jamie. He did the show especially for Clay Cole's website .

Clay has created a special photo feature page on that website devoted entirely to Vicki.

Clay Cole's Vicki Spencer Page

Clay's page includes a link to Ronnie's interview show.

Note from Denise:

"The most fascinating connection that I have with Vicki Spencer is that we were both twisting with the legendary Clay Cole at the same time, me on the East Coast in the Clay Cole "Twist-a-Rama" tour and Vicki on the West Coast starring with Clay in the movie "Twist Around The Clock." Clay recently introduced us and we have become friends. Vicki is a special lady and I am so glad that we have connected."
Your twistin' "Sista"!