Behind the Scenes
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Reginald Van Baron and his wife, 60's singer Nancy, at the Copacabana in 1964
Rehearsing with Lou Christie in 1966
Denise with Bobby O'Connor and Arnold Capitinelli at a recording session for Tommy Leonetti -- 1968
Rick Randell and Denise, also known as "Silky and Sage," in 1969
Denise in 1969
Forever friends, Rick and Denise in 2006
Denise and Bernadette with long-time friend and Jersey Boy Frankie Valli at a recent show at the State Theater, New Jersey in 2006
Jersey Girls Denise and Bernadette with Jersey Boys Tony winner Christian Hoff, who plays Tommy Devito, backstage at the August Wilson Theater - summer 2006
Bernadette and Jersey Boys Tony Award winner John Lloyd Young, who plays Frankie Valli, backstage - summer 2006
Denise and John Lloyd Young of the Jersey Boys backstage in New York - 2006
One angel to another . . . Bernadette backstage with Erica Piccininni, Jersey Boys cast member - New York 2006
Denise and Bernadette join the Crayons' Mary Fox and Jene Hernandez on stage singing Rhapsody in the Rain at the Lou Christie concert in New Jersey, 2006
Denise and Bernadette spend some time with Lou Christie after his summer concert in New Jersey - 2006
Tom DeCillis and Tommy Devito hanging at a Jersey bakery - June 2006
Bernadette backstage with Lou Christie 
Left to right:  Kathy (Lou's secretary), Anthony (Bernadette's husband), Bernadette and Lou Christie backstage after a concert in 2006 a concert in 2006. 
Reunited and it feels so good:  Long-time best friends Rick Randell, Denise, Bernadette and Tommy DeVito of the Four Seasons get together for a reunion in New Jersey in 2006
Rick Randell's wife Camille, Carol, Bernadette and Denise at a recent Jersey reunion - 2006
Denise with friends Sue, Donna and Fran at a recent rock and roll show.  Pictured behind them is the great "Bowzer."
Denise with friends Donna and Sue backstage with Gary "US" Bonds at a rock and roll show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Florida - 2007
Denise with Lou Christie - 2007
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Lou Christie's Lightning Strikes,two of his original back-up singers, Denise and Bernadette, strike a pose with the Crayons,  Jene and Mary, in Parsippany, New Jersey  - summer 2007
Denise backstage with the Crayons' Mary and Jene, Lou Christie's present back-up singers at a rock and roll show in Florida in 2007
Bernadette with Tommy DeVito, Al Nittoli and Lauren Giordano at a July 2007 recording session
Bernadette and Denise with Sharmen Nittoli at a 2007 recording session
Tommy Devito and Joe Long of the Four Seasons at a recent recording session - 2007
Peter Altschuler, son of the legendary Murray the K, is seen here in William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in 2007.
The mega-talented Altschuler (seated) appeared in Twelfth Night on the "Ruby Stage" in Santa Monica, California. 
Peter also appeared in a somewhat more contemporary play entitled What the Butler Saw by Joe Orton at the Sacred Fools Theater in California.  Click on the image at left to see more of Peter in some scenes from the play.
Friends Lou Christie and Sue Rabinowitz at the Taste of Italy Festival in Florida - 2008 
Jersey Boys meet the Four Seasons
Denise and Bernadette with long-time Belleville buddy and musician Jerry Coppola at Tommy DeVito's birthday party in New Jersey, July 2008
Jerry and Jo Ann Coppola at the 80th birthday party of Jersey Boy Tommy DeVito 
At Tommy DeVito's birthday bash in New Jersey in July:  Bernadette, Toni Valli (daughter of Frankie Valli), Denise's daughter Lauren, Denise, Alex and Lauren Giordano and friend
Mark and Rebecca Armstrong from the UK at their 2008 wedding in Memphis (photo by Madisum Felix-Charlynn Presley ( a real Presley) 
Mark and Rebecca strike a pose in front of the famous Sun Records building in Memphis. 
Mark and Rebecca playing guitars at their Memphis wedding 
Oh what a night! Frankie Valli and our dear friend Laura Pinto.
Photo was taken just 5/23/17 after a fantastic concert by a man she goes to see every year!
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