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Murray The "K"


Just listened to Stu Weiss interview Peter Altschuler, Murray the "K" son. I found it very interesting. I grew up on LI NY in the 50's and 60's and from 1958 to 1965 Murray the K was the "Man" !! He was by far the best Disc-Jockey of all time !! We would live and breath on his radio shows. Anyone growing up who was hip and cool listened to Murray THE "K" !! And his Holiday shows at the Brooklyn and RKO was hands down the best of their kind !!

Now why hasn't anyone made a movie of his life ?? He was such a big part of the History of Rock & Roll !!

Now lets all push for that movie !!

John Randazzo

Your Message Board is the best!

Hi Denise and Ronnie,

Your brand new Message Board is the cream of the crop in every way. You and Denise are doing a super duper job keeping the music alive with it but also with everything on the Jersey Girls Sing website. I know the board is new but I truly believe it is going to grow quickly and may soon be as popular as any other oldies music Message Board out there and maybe even the most popular. There are so many things that I love about it. At the top of the list is that it is truly freewheeling with very few restrictions. People can use HTML and post multiple videos and links within the same message and that is a fabulous feature. The Music Video Of The Day feature is awesome and allowing people to view previous ones with just the click of a button is truly delicious icing on the cake. And I look forward to your upcoming quizzes and contests. Everyone on the board is so warm and friendly, and that includes surprising visits from oldies acts that had national hit records. I have found a brand new home on the Internet and what a wonderful one it is. I'm going to tell all my friends and they will tell their friends about it. Keep up the great work!

I hope it's okay to include a link to it within my Guest Book message here. Well, I'll try, you can always remove it if you need to.

This is the Board I love!

Derek M. Scott, Jr.

Black & White Thunderbird

Hi there,

Just wanna thank you for the great song I found on my uncle's old Wurlitzer juke box!! Definintely born in the wrong era! (1984)

Thanks again!!


love your pages

may god continue blessing you for it


harold chernofsky

The Delicates

Hi Denise,

I found your website recently. I have to say that it is really too bad your music never made it here to the West Coast. I especially like "Black and White Thunderbird" and "Flip, Flip". You girls were very pretty then and still are.


American Bandstand

Hi, all

This site is fantastic. I wish I had known about your site when a collaborated and performed in June of 2008 in The Radio Hits of 1958. I elected six Regulars from the Philadelphia American Bandstand era – they performed as well.

I have a book launch this year. Come learn about me and visit

Enjoy your stay, post a comment if you like, and keep rockin’

Best regards,

Charles Amann

It's been a long time

Denise……just a note to say “hello” from an old friend and someone who toured with you and Peggy in Clay Cole’s “Twist-A-Rama”. I hope you and Peggy are well. I would love to hear from you.

Lou Dana

Perfect Pitch

This is more than a tribute site. This is an archival gem which not only pays homage to pioneering women but provides valuable historical information that might otherwise be lost in the shuffle of shifting pop culture.

Stephen Parker

Hello Girls,

Found your website today. Really enjoyed the visit. We have many things in common. Beginning with my appearance on Dick Clark on December 14, 1957, I began a career that is still going.

Like you, I remember those days, back when, when music was great and the people involved in it were as well. Real people with real talent. Not at all as it is today.

Love you all.

Jimmy Dee

Wow...What a fantastic tribute to your dear friend Clay Cole

Dear Denise & Ronnie................

What a FANTASTIC tribute to Clay..............the slide show is SO GREAT with the most CLEAR HIGH RESOLUTION Clay photos that I've ever seen.............can't get over how BEAUTIFUL they are!!!!

Wes Smith

My friend Clay

In 1965 I was invited to become the producer-director of Clay Cole's Discotek at New York's WPIX. -- It was an amazing experience on many levels. Suddenly, at age 22, I was intimately involved with all of the top artists in contemporary music.

But the greatest gift was working with Clay. He was generous, kind, wise and funny. To help me get my bearings he immediately hired a limo and over the course of one evening took me to literally every one of the primo discos in New York. It was a dizzying experience, but helped me get a thorough grasp of the world Clay inhabited with such exuberance.

We had a great many other grand adventures together -- including a flight to Quebec on one of the very first Lear Jets, which I documented for our Clay Cole Sunday Show. From Clay I also learned a great deal about television producing, which benefited me throughout my later career running The Mike Douglas Show and all my subsequent work making films in Hollywood. Clay was a fabulous mentor.

And I'm proud to say he was my dear friend. I believe that no one ever dies as long as someone remembers them. Clay will live on endlessly in my heart and the hearts of all the millions of people whom he touched.

With love...


Hi ! - Denise & Ronnie

Ronnie...thanks for your interview with me on "Merry Christmas Mom & Dad" and for giving it 'air' on your website! God bless you all and Merry Christmas from the Fireballs (& Kearny Elementary - I'm sure) !

George Tomsco (or)
George Fireball

From Rose Brown

Way to keep it going Denise! You guys look so great and I am sure that the music of that wonderful era between the 50s and the 60s will be as timeless as it is today a hundred years from now! These are the times of our lives and it is wonderful to have all of you here in person to connect with the spirit and the life of some of the happiest days of our lives! Thank God for all of you, and Denise, I admire your work!

God Bless You,

Rose Brown

From Bob Anthony

Hi Denise,

Great to meet you, Arleen and Ronnie at Rock Con!

Have always enjoyed your webpage. You have a special place in the history of rock and roll and more people are aware of it thanks to the internet.

I was too young to experience the music of your era firsthand, but I've made up for it since then. It's been a big part of my life since my teenage years and I've never stopped learning about it. How good was the music of the 50s and 60s? The fact that we're still listening to it and and enjoying it says it all.

Bob Anthony
WGHT Radio
Pompton Lakes NJ

Hey you guys!

I am so very proud that you have put the petition together for Clay! I can’t tell how happy I am….when I wrote to them a couple of years ago with the idea of nominating Clay….of course, I got NO answer. But your petition is so articulate and beautifully written that I could not have done better myself. I love the web site gals and Ronnie, your show is the best!

Thank you for all your hard work!

"Da dish"

Love your website!!

Hi Denise. I love your website so much. I was very very impressed with all the stuff you did. Can’t wait to meet you in a few weeks. I bet you could write a book of your own.

Luv your fellow Jerseygirl

To Ronnie:

I enjoy reading your posts on the Oldies message board and when you contribute to the NY Broadcast History board.

This morning I was reading the board and saw the link to your interviews. I listened to your conversation with HOA and I thought it was very interesting. You are a great interviewer.

You always learn something new about Herb Oscar Anderson's life and career history when he is interviewed. Very interesting and worth listening to.

Herb may be 81 years old but he's still got it.

Thanks again for all you do for the record page and supporting the music we'll never get tired of.

Larry Stoler

I would love to sing with you!

Hi everyone. I love THE DELICATES music. You girls are great. I would love to sing with you. I am an entertainer in ENGLAND. My name is ANDY MARTIN if you ever come over we must get together and do something. Look out for me I am hoping to come over and do some shows in AMERICA so mybe we could do something. Keep the great music going. Bye for now


just a comment

This website is one of the coolest websites on the entire WORLD WIDE WEB. Such a treat to listen to the interviews! Especially Linda November who helped me so much when I started being a session singer in NYC. THANK YOU LINDA! joec

Phantasmagorical !!

Phantasmagorical !! How amazing is this !! Reliving our youth is a blast, bet on it !! Great songs from a very special time in our lives. Jersey City was a great place and we really rocked with all three of you. Linden and so many other cities in N.J. remain a memorable little corner of our world................ I never thought I'd find "Party Girl" on this silicon wonder but after constant prodding on "i Tunes", I finally found the remastered original track. Fantastic !! Good Luck & God Bless All of You !!

Ron Morroccoli Sr.

"Snowman ll" 10/10 on the side

To My Favorite Ladies The Delicates

To My Favorite Ladies The Delicates,

I can't put into words the pride I feel when I think that my mom (Arleen) was part of such an amazing girl group. I am so blessed to have Denise and Peggy in my life. They are my Famous Family and I am the biggest Fan of the Delicates. It was great watching them perform at the Belleville High School Gala Tribute to Connie Francis. I can't remember a happier moment. It was like seeing the girls at age 15, again. I love you all very much XOXOXO.

Tina Gonnella, RN

P.S.- Dee, thank you for letting me crash on your couch and loving Barkley.
And I didn't forget about you Bern...Love ya too...


Hi Denise,

WOW is all I can say! What a great site! What a splendor it must have been for all of you to have been such an integral part of one of the greatest era's of music in the world. I have come upon another treasure from my past! Thank you for keeping it all alive!

Robert Green
Deptford, N.J.

Hi Ronnie

I'm a newcomer to your website, and I'm so impressed by your knowledge and all the treasures you're sharing with us. I particularly enjoyed your interview with Paul Vance - his is a terrific story. It's sad about hhis son Philip.

Again, Thank you.

Joel Najman



I've just found this website by accident and it is absolutely wonderful. Thankyou for all the trouble you've been to in putting it together and for sharing your music with us.

Steve Peters,
Loughborough UK

Website...The Delicates

Hey Girls,

Just finished looking at your website. Awesome !!! It brought back so many memories of BHS. Hope to see you all at the Reunion in 2012.

Marion Morrone nee Ross

this is a great and fun site

Gail M

From Tracy Picardi



It's way past my bedtime, in the wee hours during the work week, and I am sitting here with my guitar just having worked out the chords to "Your Happiest Years". Lovely song....fantastic harmonies! I hope my friends and I can do it some justice next month! Even if only a tiny bit!

Take care!

PS My father and I loved the recent interview!

Tracy Picardi London (via Jersey)

It WOWs me!


It WOWs me the body and calibur of your work! As an 18 year old you were an inspiration to me, and here I am 31 years later and you are still an inspiration to me. I wish everyone could know the calibur of the person you are as well. You have carried yourself so well both professionally and personally, and you have a great body of work to show for it, both professionally and personally. It is indeed an honor and pleasure to call you a friend. Denise,

All my love from that starry eyed little drummer who had the pleasure and priveledge to play in your basement with one of the most beautiful women in the world...your daughter! Like mother, like daughter.


Bob Steward

To Denise


It was so great hearing from you.Thank you for all the wonderful things you said about my recordings.

I do remember and loved your records also. I have to say you look FABULOUS in all the photos. The ones with Charlie Callello were especially great.

My connecting with Ronnie has been so much fun. He speaks so highly of you and all the work you do for the website...BRAVA! Your website certainly shows a LOVE for what you are doing.

I hope to catch up with you and Ronnie as well.

Best Regards,
Tracey Dey

To Ronnie


I want to thank you again for "FINDING ME". It was so much fun remembering one of the most creative musical times of my life with Bob Crewe. I fondly remember the writers who worked with me on so many of my recordings.... Bob Gaudio, Eddie Rambeau, Bud Rehak, Larry Santos, Beverly Ross, Charlie Callello and Herb Bernstein.

After listening to the numerous radio interviews on your Radio Page I realize that I am one of the many artists who responded with such enthusiasm because of your musical knowledge and "magical interviewing skills".

I treasure your friendship!!

Tracey Dey

For The FUN of It

It seems you Girls from Jersey started singing just for the Fun of it all. At least that's the way it comes across in all your songs. You sing, you write, you dance, ...and you even clap ...if that's not a sign of having Fun, I don't know what is!

Your harmonies are so unique and enjoyable. Every time I play one of your records, even just one time, it sticks in my brain for hours on end.

I'd had only a couple of your songs until recently. Not because I didn't want anymore, but because they're just so darn difficult to find! Then after hearing your interview with Ronnie Allen, I decided it was time to do another search for more. One by one, they've been popping up over the past few weeks. I don't have all of them (yet), but what I've got so far will keep me happy for a good long time.

I wish you Jersey Girls the Very Best.

I Thank You, Denise, for the recent communications, and for sharing your past as you have and continue to do on your pages. You give inspiration to all Jersey Girls of the possibilities as a result of having Fun.

With Love to All
Fred Clemens
(A Jersey Guy!)

Ronnie's interview

Hi Ladies.

Heard your interview with Ronnie. Lot's of great, inside information. You solved one of the great mysteries of all time, by telling us that it was Frankie Lymon who "Put The Bomp In The Bomp, Bomp, Bomp." Can you help us with that other Rock-n-Roll question? " Why Do Fools Fall In Love ? "

You mentioned that you're writing books for kids. I think your story would make a great TV Movie.

Think about it. From when you met, at a young age // to hanging out at the Deli // writing your own material // meeting Murray the "K" // Radio & Live Shows. Sounds like a ratings winner to me.

All The Best


From your big fan up in MA

Thanks Arleen, Peggy, and Denise, for your WONDERFUL & INSIGHTFUL Delicates interview with Ronnie Allen. I love it so much!


Ronnie Allen interview

Hi Girls,

Listening to the interview you did with Ronnie Allen brought back a lot of memories about the music business. I enjoyed hearing the stories about Belleville and the Brill Building (which I frequented often)... and of course Murray The K. I remember how much activity there was in another famed building where I had an office in the early sixties (1650 Broadway) before I was hired away by Tommy and Nicky after 'Sherry' hit the charts. You girls certainly had a unique sound which I heard so many times in backup sessions.
My best to Arleen.

Tom DeCillis

From the group Chicas Del Coro

Dear Denise.

Thanks so much for your comment on YouTube!

So wonderful to hear from you again. I have often thought about you, and the sweet mail we got from you when we first released Black and White Thunderbird. It made us sooo happy! Did you know that it is the only cover version we ever recorded, all our other songs are original. It's just the coolest song, ever!

How are you? I hope you are well, and enjoy the early Spring. Here in Norway the snow is piled up high in the streets, even in the capital of Oslo, and we are all pining for warmer days. I have been toying with the idea of releasing a new album. Unfortunately Hege ("your" voice) had to quit Chicas, as she has small children in school and also runs a big kindergarten. So I'm thinking of going solo. Hopefully I can still hire Hege to sing back-up on the record.

How about you - are you still singing?

Maybe we should do something together some time, it would have been so much fun!!

From Vicki Spencer:
Yes, I remember it well

Hi Denise and Ronnie,

I am so glad to have been introduced to this wonderful site. My dear friend Clay Cole said that I needed to check it out, and WOW was he right. It is such a warm trip down memory lane and I remember it well.

Those were some of the best times of my life. Clay and I did many shows and a movie together, and we were like family. It isn't easy to find real friends in this business, but back then we were all rooting for each other. I learned a lot from everyone I worked with.

I have been blessed .

You three are a credit to that time, and I wish to thank you personally for doing such a great job of keeping everything authentic. After all, this is HISTORY we are talking about. The history of Rock N' Roll and we must never forget those who paved the way for the stars of today.

Clay was one of those people who gave a new artist a chance to be seen and heard, and he was always smiling! No matter what the world threw at him , he just knocked it out of the way.

I am very happy to know you three, and if I can help promote the good work that you are doing, don't hesitate to ask. I would love to help. I hope to hear from you soon, and again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping the Flame going!

All the best to you and yours,

Delicates playing?


I love your music and wondered if you ever considered visiting the UK to sing? I visit my nana every year who lives in Cape May NJ and wondered if you ever sang in NJ?

Please let me know as I love your music.

Kind regards
Rebecca Goodrich

To the girls ...

Allycool was here. Big fan of the ladies who back up Lou Christie. He's coming to SF in November with Bobby Rydell. Love party girl.


Hi there… my favorite Jersey Girl!

The website looks fabulous, we love it!

It’s so much fun in there …like going on a treasure hunt…only you find real treasure!

We Love You!!! Love, Lauren, Roger, Jaden & Michael J

P.S. we Love you too, Aunt “B”!

Best Site / Best Girl Group

What an amazing site from the Delicates, my favorite girl group: clear sound, upbeat, unbelievable harmony, great bass line when you don't expect it, and terrific sound effects. I don't think it's an accident that your best two songs are ones you wrote yourselves: "Black & White Thunderbird" and "Meusurry." But there are so many other gems, from Pomus/Shuman's "Little Ship" to your own "Too Young To Date" to the "Little Boy Of Mine" beauty to the Shop-Rite commercial.

I hope someday to hear that the story of the girls from Belleville, the city of singers, will be told on Broadway.

Thanks for so many great songs over the years and thanks for this marvelous site that takes me back to a happy time and place.


good luck from reminisce

wish you all the luck in the world. if we can ever help .. see and hear reminisce the most popular oldies band and act in jersey at

guest book note:

Dear Denise and the Delicates,

Looking through the website, very nice indeed. So glad you happened upon my website.

I love the sound of your harmony. Thank you for contacting me.

Denise (Ladyrockndoowop)


Hi Jersey Girls

I attended Belleville School #8 from 1954 to 1963. I remember going to the Deli/Candystore on Union Ave when I was in school and buying candy. One day, I must have been about 8, I was there when the girls were there. I remember them goofing with me. Even though I was 8, I could tell they were pretty! Thanks girls - you still make me blush today.

Nick Fagioli


And wishing that it's one of your happiest ever!
Your dedicated fan,Wes

From Barry Newman ...


I was speaking to Peggy March and went on her site. That's how I found you.

GREAT SITE!!!!!! The Clay Cole link is a hoot.

We are very involved in the "TRUTH IN ROCK n ROLL" BILL that has been passed in about 27 states to date. We work very closely with Jon "Bowzer" Bauman as well as produce a ton of 50's and 60's artists. THIS MUSIC WILL NEVER DIE!!

Keep up the good work

Barry Newman - President
2b Productions Inc.
2b Productions International
239-822-5600 Office
239-992-3377 Fax

From ...

Im officer FBI John Presscott (1965' action)..
Good Luck !!..

Greetings from Detroit

You have a very nice site.
Keep up the good work.
Yours Truly Benny of
Benny and the Jets Band and
the Doctor Doo Wop Radio show

From the Poni-Tails

Dear Denise and Ronnie,

Your website is amazing.

Thank you for the oportunity to be interviewed on your show. We think your show is fantastic. The 50's were very special to us and we thank you for making us a part of your show.

The Poni-Tails
LaVerne and Toni


Who is more beautiful than Denise Ferri? Answer...NOBODY!

Mike Walsh/Friend Of Denise's Brother Mike

To the Delicates from Murray the K's son

You were Murray's musical identity for years on WINS, and I doubt that my father would have had quite the same allure without the unique musical identity that you provided in the Submarine Race Watcher's Theme and Meusurray. The purity and precision of the sound was a perfect match for Murray's own sense of showmanship -- a mixture of improvisational antics and lots and lots and lots of preparation before the "On Air" light went on or the curtain went up at the Brooklyn Fox and other local theaters. It's a joy to see you back in the spotlight -- with a global presence that can give the world a sense of how much fun rock could be when it was still rock 'n' roll.

All the best,


Fantastic website!


What a fantastic website! I particularly enjoyed seeing your pictures of the orginal Delicates and so glad you have put the site together to share your photos and memories!

All the best!

With thanks and appreciation.

Tracy Picardi
London (NJ ex-pat)

great site

I love all the interviews


a fan of oldies

Mary Shaw
staten island, NY

Roy Orbison Small Talk interview

Thank you very much for posting the Small Talk with Roy Orbison.

This is real treasure.

best wishes

Robert Ramik, Czech Republic

From Sergio

Hi Denise and Ronnie,

I am just a humble fan, and I would like to tell you that I keep returning to this web site over and over again, it is so interesting and fun - full of treasured memories. I love your music, bless you both for bringing it back. You've opened a window to a long ago era via this web site.

Ronnie the radio interviews are wonderful, it is such a treat to hear your guest performers discuss their body of work with you. Keep up the great work, again many thanks, your fan always,

Sergio Rodriguez

From the daughter of the best drummer in New Jersey!

Attention: Denise

OMG we cannot believe your website fell into our hands from a relative who told us about it.
My Mom is so excited for us to be able to get in touch with you. We speak of you often and are very glad to see from your photos, etc. you are doing well and are very happy. We are extremely happy for you as well. Hoping to hear back from you, it would be great to reminisce stories of the old days with "Just Us" and that crazy group you sang for.

Look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience.

Grace Ann LaValle (Daughter of Sebbie - the best drummer in New Jersey! - loved it)

Sebbie's Son - John

Hey Denise,

Long time! Found the site with you and my Dad, Uncle Louie, Ricky and Bobby. Send back an email to this address, please, or phone. I want to ask you if you still have something plus my Mom would just love to hear from you!

Thanks John La Valle

Hello from Eddie Rambeau

Dear Denise,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Ronnie Allen for his terrific radio interview with me which can be heard by going to Ronnie's Radio Page at the bottom of the jerseygirlssing homepage. It's always a pleasure to talk to Ronnie and I can't thank him enough for the wonderful job he did on this particular interview. Nice work, Ronnie. Allow me also to give a great big Happy New Year 2008 to all your viewers and listeners.

Regards, Eddie Rambeau

PS: Please take a moment to visit my personal website by going to:

Hello from Sue Thompson!

Hi to all of you .....

Denise, I love your website. You are such beautiful cute girls. I wish I had known you way back when, that would have been great.

And Ronnie, I enjoyed doing our little show together. You always surprise me. You mentioned things about my career that I didn't even remember. And I loved hearing the music you picked out.

I wish all the best to the three of you. I hope that we can get together to meet some time.



from Clay Cole

Denise and Ronnie,

What a wonderful surprise. The very first thing I saw on the morning of New Years Day 2008 was your front-page banner screaming "Happy Birthday Clay."

You are simply the best. You are my special angels. Good looking, so refined... and sing harmony too.

Can I have this dance?

Love, Clay Cole

from Nino Tempo and April Stevens

Dear Denise and Ronnie,

What a wonderful website this is!

Being a part of the 50s and 60s music scene, this brings back so many great memories.

And of course we have to mention that is was great doing our interview with Ronnie. It was so much fun and so enjoyable hearing all of those recordings together in such a nice one-hour setting.

All the best to the three of you. Have a wonderful New Year.


Nino and April

from Phil

Hi Denise,

I have been talking to Ricky about you doing some work in my studio. Do you remember who I am??..I was with Sidewalk Symphony. We met at the Coachman Inn in Cranford when we were playing there. You came to see us quite a few times.....many years

Hope to see you soon.

I will link your site to ours.


from the Angels/Peggy Santiglia Davison

Hi Bernie and Denise, I've finally taken the time to view your whole site and it's great. How wonderful that you've preserved all these musical memories many of which I've shared. I know we've been in personal contact but I want to publicly wish you the best. Denise, I'm so proud of all that we've written and sung together as The Delicates before I became lead singer of The Angels and Bernie I'm equally proud to have sung with you on so many Angel releases, as well as for many other artists along with Denise. It's so much fun to note on your site how many memories you have documented; it was like a trip down my own personal memory lane. Our site is still a work in progress but you both will have a special place when I finally get down to my personal discography of which you were an important part. Using your words about "setting the record straight," the only setting straight that I care about is for everyone to know that we are lifelong friends and that I enjoyed every minute of singing with both of you over the years. Barb and Jiggs feel the same and send their warmest regards. Happy Holidays to you and yours, love Peggy

From Carl & Veta Gardner

To Denise and Ronnie,

This website is outstanding. We love the wonderful pictures of Denise and others. Everybody should come here.

What a wonderful interview. Carl and I totally enjoyed it. I was so surprised that Carl stayed up that late. He usally goes to bed early. He was very thrilled especially that you asked him to do the Little Egypt intro.

We both listened to the interview on your website and it sounded great. I hope The Coasters fans who listen to it will understand and know what Mr. Gardner and his group has gone through.

We also would like to thank all fans for their support over the years and all the DJ's for playing and keeping The Coasters records alive.

We love you Ronnie and thank you so much.

Merry Christmas

Carl & Veta Gardner

WJRZ-TV Home of Vintage NJ Artist Clips

Dear Denise, I run a website dedicated to great NJ acts past & present. You will find rare and vintage video clips of some of the great NJ acts. There are rare clips of: Joe Pesci & Frank Vincent, Pat Galo, The Victorians, Duprees, Joey Dee, Me, Andre & Cirell, and many more! Please visit the website and enjoy the trip down memory lane! Site is located at: or
God Bless,
Larry Cutrone

I also wrote the screenplay to The Pat Galo Story.

Oh most have a great website!!!

Memories are made of this...

Hello Denise and rockin' Ronnie!

Wonderful site!

For me...your photos brought back many memories of the 'Murray the K' holiday shows at the Brooklyn Paramount. It was five 'live' shows a day with a movie sandwiched between each performance. I shared a dressing room (cell block) with Dion and Del Shannon...I remember Del writing 'Hats off to Larry,' his follow up to 'Runaway' sitting on a hallway stairstep.

With Murray, it was always a tight show. We sang our current hits and nothing more. For me, on my first visit in 1960, it was 'Devil or Angel' followed by 'Rubber Ball' and back to our ongoing chinese checker game. Frankie Valli is was like a family. I cherish the many life long friendships that I made in those early years. It was a great time in America and a memory well worth revisiting.

And Ronnie, you do just that with your radio show. It's clear that you love the music AND the memories. Your show is a celebration of all of the above. Keep up the good work.


Bobby Vee

Your great web site

Hi Denise,

What a great job you have done with the web site. I am in such awe of those who can do such creative things and are so knowledgeable in this area... It was such fun doing Ronnie's show and we had a good time doing it. We laughed and giggled and it brought back many memories. I think we could have talked for hours about all kinds of things.

I think yours and his contribution to the Archives of the 50's,60,'s and 70's is truly a labor of love and we all appreciate it so much.

Thank you so much for your good work and ALL of the Chordettes truly appreciate it.

Lynn Evans
Lead of The Chordettes

Your Terrific Site

Hi Denise:

I had a great time looking at your photos from 1959 and 1960. It was a great era for music and your site brings all the wonderful memories back. Although Dick and I lived in California, we loved working on the East Coast, especially when we did the Murray the K Show in 1964. Please visit my website, to see some vintage videos of Dick and Dee Dee in the Sixties and to read an excerpt from my memoir, Vinyl Highway, Singing as Dick and Dee Dee.

Singers from Philly, New Jersey and New York were on the forefront of rock and roll and you both were there with your wonderful songs at that great time. Hope to talk to you in person soon.

Best Wishes,

Dee Dee Phelps

PS: I'll be doing an interview with Ronnie at the end of November.

Your site

This is a wonderful site. I love it! Thanks for the memories.

D 4 Bklyn's Home Page
MEMORIES of the 50s & 60s

What a wonderful site!

Hi ladies (and Ronnie),

JERSEY GIRLS SING! is definitely one of the best sites of its kind on the Net. First of all, it's aesthetically pleasing - I hope I spelled that word correctly - and a pleasure to navigate through. I love the new look on Ronnie's radio page. And I love what you all are doing to keep the wonderful music of the 50s, 60s and 70s alive. Keep up the great work!


I love it!

Love it! Love it! The site content brings tears to my eyes. Remembering those times and lookin' back on it all is delicious. The Delicates were/are the best. I still listen to their songs - my nine year old twins love them too and sing them.

Sure, they were also troubled times, let's not forget. But what a wholesome way to get through the turbulence...with such inspired, uplifting music.

Murray the K, The 4 Seasons, Delicates, Clay Cole and so many others helped get us through it.

I'm just a little biased see my sister, is the wonderful, loving and talented Denise Ferri one of the Delicates. She will always be my favorite singer.

I am honored to be her brother and blessed to have been taken around with her to hops and shows while I was just a kid. I got to meet so many of my favorite performers just hangin' out with her. Too many to mention here but Jackie Wilson the most memorable.

If you lived during the 50's and 60's you can go on and on. It's a topic you never get tired of. It's so grand to see and read of younger music lovers diggin' the music of that era. An era they weren't even born into. It shows just how great and inspired it all was.

Also loved the Jimmie Rodgers interview and of course the man's voice and music.

All the best Jersey girls ...& us more!!!

from Michael

Enjoyed your website!

Just want to say that the website is great and that you've done an excellent job. It is interesting to hear some little known facts about the girl groups and to see pictures dating from the 60's all the way up to the present. And Ronnie's talk show is great and I particularly enjoyed the interview with Ginny Arnell who ranks as one of my all time favorite singers. It's nice to hear that she is doing well and has such fond memories of her career. Anyway Denise-keep up the good work on the website. Best Wishes-Tom Lay

From Wes

Hope it's not against the rules and regulations for me to sign your guestbook more than once! If I didn't love you JerseyGirls so much,I wouldn't do so! Just wanted to say hello again! Also,Hi Al & Ronnie!


From Ed Salamon

Dear Denise,

Thanks for all the great music and for keeping the memories alive through this website. Back in the day, I bought all your singles, including The Starlets on Astro and Delicates on United Artists (still have them). I grew up in Pittsburgh, so although I know Lou Christie, I only had one opportunity to meet Murray The K (Murray and I sat together with mutual friend Steve Leeds at a Cliff Richards concert). I’m glad to be able to get to know him, and you, better through

Special thanks for posting Ronnie Allen’s interviews. Back when Ronnie was working with Casey Kasem, I was doing interviews for Dick Clark’s Rock Roll and Remember, among other programs our company produced, so I especially appreciate all the hard work Ronnie puts into his shows. It’s great that you have made them accessible to a larger audience.

Keep rockin’,

Ed Salamon
Nashville, TN.


This is POSITIVELY one of the GREATEST music related websites on the whole internet and there "ain't" one soul on this earth who could appreciate it more than I do! (This stuff is my whole life!)

A sincere "Thank You" to Denise for all the great music and memories, and to Ronnie Allen for all the great interviews ...... and last, but not least, your great webmaster, Al!

I know that Al's own "JILL COREY" website is the greatest ever assembled, but he has turned this one into one of the greatest also! He is truly amazing!

Wes Smith

Jimmie Rodgers Interview 

Just listened to your Jimmie Rodgers Show. Great music and great story. Jimmie comes across as such a nice guy. You think he'd be bitter after all the things that happened to him.   

Frank b.// 
Valley Stream 
New York 

THANK YOU . . . 

Just listened to your interview with Jimmy [Rodgers]. I had e-mailed you earlier with a question and you mentioned me.  I got to talk to Jimmy in Toledo and thanked him for such a great show. He sang four songs and also emceed some of the show.  He thanked me for coming to see him and you could tell he really meant it.  A true gentleman.  Keep up the great work.  I won't miss a show. 

Joe Fuller - Ohio 

Great Site 

Wow does this bring back memories. I was glued to Murray the K as a kid. Nice to remember the days when the DJ was king, the groups all dressed uniformly and classy, and the singers sang in harmony. Yea, they sure were more innocent times. I do remember the Delicates, and I always thought Denise was just gorgeous, she was my favorite Dancing Girl for sure. Nice to see the Capris...still see them playing events on Long Island. Thanks so much for an enjoyable site. 
Vic Fusco 
a/k/a Roadhouse Vic, WGBB AM 1240 Freeport NY 

Love It! 

What a great site. So enjoyed the trip down memory lane with the three of you. 
It was a clearly more decent time.  
We miss and need that now, but thanks so much for sharing what was a great time. I hope you are all well and enjoying your lives. 
Thanks for your contributions! 

Carmine & Dorayne Lombardo 

From:  Diane Renay 
Love the site..... 
YEH for the oldies when music was cheerful and fun! 
Love:  Diane Renay <{:>) 

Randy Starr Interview 

Hi Ronnie, 
Thank you so much for your wonderful interview with me a couple of days ago.  I had a great time reminiscing about those good old days in the 50s and 60s because of your delightfully engaging on-air personality. 
Those of us who were even a minor part of the music scene in that golden era are very grateful to you for keeping the music alive.  So, to you, and to Denise, I send my deep appreciation for your great work.  Keep those old platters spinning!  I look forward to hearing many more of your terrific shows in the future.. 
With all my best wishes, 
Randy Starr  

Oldies that remain true goodies . . . 

Of the various "oldies" sites, this is absolutely one of the best.  It is a pleasure to "visit."  Its overall "look" is ... well ... fantastic! 
Am grateful for sites like this which help keep our beloved oldies era alive and well.  From the mid-50s to the early 60s, we had such a big VARIETY of music from which to choose and enjoy. 
Then, the top-100 tunes were so varied:  R&R, R&B, Blues, Soul, Doo-Wop, C&W, Folk, Jazz, Pop, etc.  True VARIETY!!! 
Is so sad that the vast majority of radio stations will NOT play these wonderful songs now.  For those of us in our 50s, 60s and up who can recall that super era, we have our records to enjoy, our memories, and some CDs.  Now, too, we can relive those super years because of wonderful sites like this.  Revival groups, also, are keeping OUR MUSIC alive... 
PBS tv has to be congratulated as well for the oldies revivals they've provided for a few years now!!! 
How privileged I am to be able to THANK YOU for giving to us so many enjoyable melodies -- many that we hum to this day! 
Thank you -- and best wishes. 
Lenny G. - Florida 

CD of Your Songs 

It's great to know you girls have a web page out there.  First time I have seen pics of you together outside of the one from the Joe Franklin show. Very cool.  I have all your 45s except the first one on Tender records, The Johnny Bunny.  Just wondering . . . . . do you girls still have influence to possibly get your songs recorded to CD?  I know that I and many other of your fans would love to have all your songs including B-sides on CD. So far the only legitimate one is Black And White Thunderbird.  Some of your Roulette sides have shown up on gray area CDs, obviously vinyl transfers.  I really hope you girls can look into this.  Keep the site going and dig up some more pics.   

Pete Gebhardt 

Jersey girls sing:  

Browsing your website set me in a very nostalgic mood;  I got all mushy. 

If I had to pick a point in my life when I was most happy, it would have to be 1960-61 … an exciting time of firsts … the Brooklyn Paramount … Palisades Park … making records, working in night-clubs, pretending to be grownups! 

It is no small coincidence that is also the period I first met Denise and Peg and Bernadette … and our little gang of show-biz wannabees. "We were family then," is how Frankie Valli put it to me recently. We all rooted for each other like family. These are the times I cherish the most.  

My sweetest memories involve the ever-eager Denise and Peg - willing to do anything, anything - to make the show better: sing background, sure … dance the shimmy, you betcha … wear a funny wig, okay…!  

I'm remembering our little New York-New Jersey circle: Girl-groups in matching party dresses with lots of crinolines … the a cappella boys in black tie, tux and white sox … the soul-cats in their chartreuse zoot-suits … and our Teen Idols with tail-fin haircuts … weren't we something! 

I love your website (a class act, still) and I wish you great success with it.  I get a sense of great optimism while visiting your website, that there is so much more ahead for all of us. Maybe, this is just the beginning of another exciting adventure. I'll be back. 

With all my love, Clay Cole  


Hey, everybody,  

Really fun to check out the site, especially photos. 
Thanks for helping keep the music alive. 

Chuck Girard, lead singer of Castells (So This Is Love, Sacred) and later Hondells (Little Honda). 


Dear Denise, 
I'm so happy for both of you!  Your website is beyond superb!  The photos alone tell a million stories!  It's breathtaking!!   

Hi, Ronnie! 
John Clemente 

Swell!  (Too Young to Date) 

The Girls with an attitude, Love the music! 

Hey Denise, Larry from New Orleans, just saying Hello! 
Nice site! Post more photos and alert us!  Too much on the net to keep up with! 

Hello Ronnie! Broadcast more shows til ya blue in the face!  Keep the music going! 

(Lawrence P. Guidry) 

Re: Website 

Found the website you told us about.  Great Pictures!!  Can't wait to see you when you are out in "Jersey".  For Bernie - Glad to know all is well - waiting for more pictures on your new site!!   

Love always - Your partner "Sage" AKA "Rick Randell" AKA Rocco Gaeta and Camille XXXXXXXXXXXXXX 


Once again, a good buddy has enlightened me to another cool site.  I am really enjoying checking out the many many "sections of your city" site!  Great 50's/60's photos and I look forward to many of the interviews as well.  A well done job!!   

Clark Besch 

To The Jersey Girls, 

Congratulations on a GREAT website … And for your many, many terrific accomplishments.  A good friend  turned me on to your website, and am I happy that he did!!!!  I’ll be checking in every once in awhile just to keep up with you great gals. 

Keep on, keepin’ on. 

Your friend, Billy Strange 

Love this group  

I'm Joe Becerra, from Brazil! 
Since 1960, I know THE DELICATES and my favorite song of them is TOO YOUNG TO DATE.  I have a 45' with this song. 
Joe Becerra 
Keep in Harmony