Murray The K

He was the king of the New York airwaves. He was the Grand Kook, the Grand Commodore, Me-a-surray and the Fifth Beatle. He coined the phrases blast from the past, golden gassers, Submarine Race Watching, Swingin' Soiree, and ain't that a kick in the head? and he played them red, hot and blue.

He was Murray Kaufman, the most famous and influential dj of the 50's, 60's and 70's. In 1958, he moved to WINS and hosted the all-night Swingin' Soiree, soon moving to the 7 - 11 p.m. time slot, making radio history by remaining there for seven years.

During that period, and with the release of our first record, Black and White Thunderbird, we were lucky enough to meet Murray. We became his "dancing girls" . . . he became our friend.

Throughout those years we did many radio and stage shows with Murray. We wrote and recorded Meusurray, inspired by a language he himself invented, and the Submarine Race Watcher's theme, which opened and closed his radio show.

Murray the K left us on February 21, 1982 - gone too soon. He is loved and missed. Thanks, Murray.

Click here to listen to Murray and the Delicates having fun on his WINS radio show in 1959 . . . 

Click here to listen to MURRAY'S LAST NIGHT ON WINS (APRIL 1965) where you can hear the Delicates sing the legendary jingle which they recorded especially for Murray's Swingin' Soiree show: "on the Swingin' Soiree with Murray the K, he'll play em Red, Hot, Blue all the way," produced by the incredible Don Costa.  

Click here to listen to a one hour interview with Murray's son Peter Altschuler ... by Stu Weiss of Top Shelf Oldies 

Below are the lyrics to Murray the K's "Submarine Race Watchers Theme
written by the three Delicates

"Oh you're never too old, and you're never too young, to watch the submarine races on the run.  
"Just keep your dial on the Kaufman show, and you make a lotta lovin', and you go-go-go.  Grand Kook!  Grand Kook! Ten Ten WINS! Grand Kook! Grand Kook! Ten Ten WINS!"

(Click to hear the submarine race watchers' chant, "A-a-ah-Bey.")
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