Kathy Linden

Photo Gallery


Kathy, the tap dancer - age 4


Playing and vocalizing in the "Singing Strings"
during her high school years
Kathy's on the far right in front of the piano

On the cover of Cash Box Magazine
while "Billy" was climbing the national chart
thanks to John Broven, Jay Bruder, Red Kelly and Wes Smith



Pictures from Kathy's Felsted and Monument recording days


Recording in Nashville with Fred Foster and Anita Kerr


Time away from recording,
living on a ranch with her husband and three sons
and her favorite horse "Shane"


Kathy's Pug "Mikey" and her Maltese "Sharee"


Kathy's own paintings of her childhood dog "Vickie"
and the "Born Free" lioness "Elsa"
and her sketch of a horse


Then & Now