What's New In Version 2?

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Version 2 incorporates several major changes. The primary intent is to make the game simpler and allow everyone to be on a level playing field so to speak. By eliminating all settings with the exception of two, this will eventually lay the framework for players to challenge their friends with the identical set of snippets and the identical set of rules.

The following settings have been eliminated and will now have static (unchangeable) values: number of snippets per game, maximum play time of snippets, "(none of the above)" option and audio reactions.

(1) Each game will have exactly ten (10) "regulation" snippets. If you correctly guess all of them, you are then entitled to play as many bonus ("overtime") snippets as you like to try to increase your score until you either get one wrong or choose the "NO MORE SNIPPETS" option.

(2) The maximum play time for every snippet is exactly five (5) seconds. You can, as before, attempt to guess the snippet at any time; clicking on an answer instantly stops the snippet.

(3) There will always be exactly five (5) EXPLICIT choices for every snippet. The choices can be either all titles or all artists. The "(none of the above)" option has been eliminated.

(4) Audio reactions will always consist of a combination of voices and sound effects that respond appropriately to right or wrong answers. The "voice" and "sound" and "none" settings have been eliminated. You will always hear an audio reaction.

(5) Bonus snippets will now play automatically; you will not have to click on a "PLAY BONUS SNIPPET" button. You still have the option of ending the game by clicking on a "NO MORE SNIPPETS" button.

(6) Two settings have been retained: the option to play or not play the "welcome" greeting in the subsequent game and the option to select one out of 24 categories. In order for the application to remember your settings, you need to have cookies enabled. Most likely you do.