Version 1 Honorees

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From May 14 through June 12 we invited players to submit games in which they solved at least the first 20 snippets correctly.

36 players did so.

They are permanently enshrined on the plaque below and thus deservingly honored. Their names are listed alphabetically.

Although this plaque will not be updated, if you are able to solve the first 20 snippets in any category then you can proudly consider yourself in their company.

OUR HONOREES Dave Arnold John J. Bono, Jr. Ray Bozzanca Dann Steve Davidson Diane Diekman Don Effenberger DoubleDuty Jim Fraas Bob G Marion G. Harding 62 Marge Hemsworth Hotwax Hattie Uncle T. Jay Jon Tom Kimsey Ladylion14 Lori M. Mikeb24 Tom Mitchell NatsTalk Larry Neal Rockin' Ed Pauli PFS George A. Poshedly Joe Postove Psgpilot Mike Riccio Rockin' Roberts Terry Ruud Nick Sarames StuckInThe60s Tabs4959 Charlie Tahaney Todd