Denise's Precious Moments
with Family and Friends
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Jo and Lou, my mom and dad  . . .  
Thank you for everything.  I love and 
miss you. 
My beautiful Grandma Rosie  
. Lou's Deli in Belleville, New Jersey  

Denise and Rick Randell performing at  
a rock and roll show in Jersey - 1970 
Denise and her Group in the 1970's 
Rick Randell is the ham with the guitar. 

Denise with JUST US 
"THE BOYS"    
Bobby O'Connor, Louie LaValle, Rick  
Randell and (front) Sebby LaValle,  
the best drummer in Jersey! 

Denise with precious baby daughter 
Lauren - 1964 

Delicates Denise and Arleen in their original Submarine Race Watcher's hats - 2006 
My beautiful daughter Lauren with  
her husband Roger 

My precious grandbabies: 
Michael, Age 3, and Jaden, Age 4 

Denise and her grandbabies dancing to  
BBlack and White Thunderbird.. 
Beep! Beep! Beep! ... 

Denise's brother Michael with his two 
children, Gabriel and Talitha, holding  
Denise's toy poodle Barkley 
Denise's toy poodle Barkley 

Denise with daughter Lauren and long-time 
friend Camille Gaeta, wife of Rick Randell, 
at Tommy DeVito's 80th birthday bash