The D.A.'s Forever

The exciting new book by Laura Pinto

This is Laura's long-awaited first novel!

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What happens when four greasers from the '50s reunite in the '80s? As it turns out—plenty! Set in New Jersey, THE D.A.'s FOREVER follows the escapades of a quartet of fortysomething men who, as teens, had been a tight group of friends dubbed the D.A.'s (no relation to the legal profession). Now it's thirty years later, and time and distance have brought major life changes and responsibilities. The book opens with Eddy Steinberg preparing to drive two hours to meet with his old friends at a special Fifties-themed high-school reunion. But it doesn't take him long after arriving to feel like the odd man out; he's taken aback by the irresponsible and indiscreet behavior of the other guys, who are acting more like the teenagers they used to be than the family men they are now. Worse, Eddy's heart is captured by a shy 24-year-old girl who immediately transports him back to his own youth in an era when life was much less complicated. Letting go of the past proves challenging for the D.A.'s, which consists of Frankie D'Antonio, the founding member and tough-guy greaser still playing the part at age 48; Denny O'Reilly, Frankie's best friend and the only divorced member of the group; Tony Franklin, the romantic, whose marriage and happiness are threatened by the reappearance of an old love; and Eddy, the straight-laced nerd and arguably most centered of the four thrown into emotional turmoil by the appearance of a new one. Now, all four must find the courage to leave the past behind as they come to terms with middle age and the realities of their diverse lives.

THE D.A.'s FOREVER is part comedy, part drama, part satire. It's raunchy and sexy at times; romantic and sentimental at others. It's a story of friendship, of old love, of new love, and of a love that will never die. NOTE: This book contains explicit language and sexual situations and is intended for mature audiences only.