Ronnie Radio Interview Trivia Quiz

Name the RECORDING ARTIST (single person) heard in each of the following sound clips:

  1. Listen 

  2. Listen 

  3. Listen 

  4. Listen 

  5. Listen 

  6. Listen 

  7. Listen 

  8. Listen 

  9. Listen 

10. Listen 

Name the recording (both the SONG and the RECORDING ACT [soloist or group]) heard in each of the following sound clips:

11. Listen 

12. Listen 

13. Listen 

14. Listen 

15. Listen 

16. Listen 

17. Listen 

18. Listen 

19. Listen 

20. Listen 

Name the SONG that the person is talking about. (In other words, name the song that -- in the show -- is the NEXT one played following his or her comments.) You need not name the person heard in the sound clip.

21. Listen 

22. Listen 

23. Listen 

24. Listen 

25. Listen 

26. Listen 

27. Listen 

28. Listen 

29. Listen 

30. Listen 

Answer the following questions:

31. Which one of her hits did Barbara Lewis say that she did NOT want to record?

32. Who posed as a fan and then revealed who she REALLY was and surprised Gerry Granahan during his interview?

33. Which recording by the Chad Mitchell Trio was, according to Chad, hurt by a tragic event which caused it to be less successful than it would have been?

34. What interview show included a sound clip from a classic Jackie Gleason "Honeymooners" episode?

35. What day of the week did Shirelles member Beverly Lee sing a line about in their hit "I Met Him On A Sunday?

36. During his interview, Carl Gardner gave an impromptu performance of the opening lines of what Coasters hit?

37. What Ronnie Dove hit contains a line in which Ronnie tells the girl his name?

38. What song did the Pixies Three sing when they appeared on Ted Mack's "Original Amateur Hour" TV show?

39. What embarrassing faux pas did our interviewer Ronnie make at the end of the Gene Chandler show?

40. What recording artist told about having worked with Merv Griffin?

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