The Jersey Girls at Rock Con!
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The Delicates: Lee, Dee and Peg -- Rock Con 2010!
Denise and her dear friend, the legendary Clay Cole
The Delicates pretending to be performing with Clay Cole
The girls and Clay after their fake performance
Denise, Arleen and Bernadette are honored to be pictured with the iconic impressario Sid Bernstein
A combination of members of the Delicates, Starlets, Angels and Jessica James and the Outlaws
Denise and Bernadette with Clay
Bernadette, Ronnie and Denise
The Delicates (Peggy, Denise and Arleen) and Ronnie
Denise, Bernadette and Arleen with Ron Dante (Archies, Cuff Links, Detergents)
With Paul Petersen, star of the "Donna Reed" TV show
With Mary Owen, daughter of the legendary movie star Donna Reed and television producer Tony Owen
With the fabulous singer-songwriter-producer Gerry Granahan
With the new Jay (Reincke) of Jay and the Americans
With John Clemente, author of "Girl Groups: Fabulous Females Who Rocked The World"
With deejay Jimmy Jay
With grammar schoolmates Teresa, Angela and Roseann
Laughing it up with Dr. Elmo, the "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" guy
With Mark and Jerry of the Dovells
With two of the Rainbows (of "Denise" fame)
With one of our favorite Village People, cowboy Randy Jones
With good friend Justin Cipollini
With law gal Diane Leigh Davison
With filmmaker Shawn Swords ("Wages Of Spin")
The Delicates and the Angels with Lois Gallina, the Delicates first fan club president
Clay and his Claymates: Marcia Habib, Denise, Bernadette, Clay, Dee and Ken O'Brien
Clay with Marcia Habib, his first and only (to this day) fan club president