Gala Event Photos
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Belleville High School Dedication program cover
Theater Dedication program page
Onstage in the Belleville High School auditorium:
The Delicates -- Dee, Lee and Peg -- sing "Lipstick On Your Collar" while Connie watches
The Delicates with Connie, 50 years later!
Clockwise from top: Dee, Peg, Lee and Connie
Left to right: Lee, Dee, Rick Randell, Rick's wife Camille, Four Season/"Jersey Boy" Tommy DeVito, Peg
Meeting and eating great Italian food at Stretch's Chicken:
Tommy Devito, Dee, Peg, Bernadette and Lee
The Delicates Lee, Peg, and Dee and Bernadette with the legendary Clay Cole
Denise with Rick Randell and his wife Camille
Denise is sandwiched between two legends: Tommy DeVito and Clay Cole
Tommy DeVito and his beautiful daughter Darcel
Denise with Rick Randell and Clay Cole