Belleville Tribute To Connie

From Denise ...

What an incredible weekend it was. Our hometown of Belleville NJ decided to pay tribute to one of their own: the iconic, top pop female singer in the world ...Miss Connie Francis.

It was a fund raiser benefiting the Belleville Board of Education Foundation.

My group the Delicates, Arleen Lanzotti Gonnella, Peggy Santiglia-Davison and myself were invited to be part of the tribute ceremony. We attended Belleville High School following Connie. We toured with her and were her opening act for many shows.

We were thrilled to be included in this once in a lifetime event.

The legendary Clay Cole was at his best as the emcee. Belleville "Jersey Boy" and Four Season Tommy Devito was also one of the invited guests as was well-known actor Frank Vincent.

It was a wonderful reunion of old music friends and schoolmates and another visit to our beautiful hometown of Belleville New Jersey.

We were very honored and proud to have been part of such an historic event.

From Bernadette ...

Dear Connie,

As a fortunate guest and given the opportunity to celebrate the dedication presented to you in Belleville, New Jersey, October 2009 is a gift I will never forget.

As far back as I can remember, your music was always playing in our house. I knew I could carry a tune, but never expected what would become of my interest in the music business. You were the biggest inspiration to me. I adored your voice and style and wanted so much to be just like you.

Well, there could never be another you and that still stands today.

I hoped that I could one day meet you in person but never imagined that I would work with you in a studio as one of your back up vocals. When that day came, it was the icing on the cake.

Now 45 years later, I am part of a historic event honoring your legacy. Again to see you in person was magical. How gracious and appreciative you were. There is an aura surrounding you that will always glow.

God Bless you for all you have given to your adoring fans!

Bravo, Connie Francis!!!